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I'm Luke Smith. I'm primarily known for a YouTube channel with a focus on technology and technology-adjacent topics although this is only a small part of what I spend my time in. I additionally keep all my videos archives on my self-hosted PeerTube instance so you can watch them without the snooping eyes of Google.

I maintain an installable Linux system called LARBS LARBS logo.

I have a podcast called Not Related! Not Related! logo.

Somehow I recently signed myself up to do a recipe site here: 🍲 Based.Cooking, due to this video and then this video. You can submit a recipe and contribute on the Git repository.


🖥️ Computers & Linux

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Everything I do on the internet I give away for free and I only write free software. Donate to ensure my independence and non-shill status for years to come. See my full donation page for more.

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