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I'm Luke Smith.

I'm probably most well-known on the internet for putting up videos on YouTube which you can see here.

I do many technology screencasts and talk about the effects of technology on modern "life," if you can call it that. Sometimes, I just rant in the woods.

I do a lot of other notable things:


I manage a publicly available Linux system: LARBS.

I run LARBS (, which is an auto-installable minimal Linux system targeted to power users. Its goal is to make learning about more hardcore aspects of Linux easy and seamless and it also provides a "cool-looking" and efficient, twm and keyboard-based workflow right out of the box. It runs my build of suckless's dwm and my dotfiles repository here.

If you want to know more about how I use Linux and what programs I use and recommend, I have a page on that here.

See my Github here, but I also have Gitlab and also a publicly visible Git server on this website.


I live here.

I left the city and moved into a more natural environment and community.

I publicly advocate a simple and traditional lifestyle and minimizing dependence on "the system" and high technology as the best antidote for all of the ailments of modernity. This is the real-life analog to my commitment to minimalist computing.

I spend most of my free time gardening or learning to make useful things: woodworking, making food from scratch and doing some antifragile tinkering.

By the way, check out my library catalog here to see what books I keep in my personal library.


I write tools to make you freer of Google/Big Tech.

The internet has become centralized in several large sites: Google/YouTube/Facebook etc. And every day it's a more obvious threat to normal people in terms of privacy, political freedoms and even personal frustration!

I've made videos on becoming more independent on the internet and I wrote mutt-wizard, which is a small tool that allows you to get an offline store of all your email and a terminal-based email client with no complex startup configuration. It uses neomutt and isync.

After the annoying process of setting up my own email server, I made a simple email server wizard to do it automatically. I'm glad that many other people have used it to be totally independent of email hosted by questionable companies.

I plan on making more little tools like these, and I'd like to make the old internet, where people easily owned and managed their own websites and platforms more possible.

Not Related

I have a Podcast called Not Related!

Get it at its website:

This is arguably the most distinguished and unique thing I put on the internet, and while I haven't put out episodes in a bit, it has a kind of a cult following.

It's not one of those inane, stupid talking podcasts where some group of guys sit around and chat: I cover different topics, usually ones where the public or Wikipedian understanding of an area differs greatly from how it actually is. Some of them have been "scholarly," while others are overviews of "unique" books and viewpoints.

Arizona Mountains

I also have degrees and such... but that was a waste!

If I had nothing else to put on my résumé, I suppose I could say that I have degrees in economics and linguistics and am a Ph.D. candidate. I have a very low opinion of formal education and especially the solvency of academia now, and I recommend you to avoid it at all costs.

I know some people run across me because they see some wild papers or squibs or hear rumors or just learn about me and want to know about what I think about some in Generative Grammar. I don't talk about or do videos on this stuff because I think we all know that it is useless and theory-internal, but I have recorded some talks on this stuff before:

On language as "synesthesia"on the state of "the field" of linguistics and the Chomskyan programrandom talk on the ancient Sanskrit approach to grammaran explanation of one of my qualifying papers.
Composite scetch of the Unaboomer

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