Affiliate Links

by Luke Smith

Use these to "donate" to me without even costing you extra money. You often get rewards for following these links.

I stongly recommend the Vultr link below in particular if you are looking to start your own website/server because it is a good deal for you, but can also add up as good money for me.

(Yes, the affiliate link works even if it doesn't show anything when you first click.)

Service (click) What it is Your bonus What I Get
👉 Vultr Virtual Personal Server for web hosting, email, servers etc. $100 credit for first month $25 if you stay on and pay at least $25. This is a steal. We must be ripping them off at this point.
Coinex Cryptocurrency trading platform VIP reduction in trading fees for first 3 months. A portion of your transaction fees that would otherwise go to Coinex.
Coinbase Cryptocurrency trading platform $10 in Bitcoin after you buy/sell $100 worth in currencies. $10 in Bitcoin after you buy/sell $100 worth in currencies.
Odysee A blockchain-based video site. Some of their cryptocurrency. Some of their cryptocurrency.
Epik Domain registrar. Cheap, but also with the ability for perpetual registrations. 20% in credit of your first purchase