I will be at Southeast Linuxfest 2022 (June 10-12) in Charlotte, NC.

Title says the gist.

In 2018, I went to Southeast Linuxfest and gave a presentation which you can see here or . It was nice meeting the (shockingly normal) people who knew me from the interest last time.

I’m going to be attending again this year, as the title says June 10-12 in Charlotte, NC. I’ve already had one talk confirmed (and might actually be giving two).

If you are interested in going, see their site. The conference itself is at the Sheraton near the Charlotte Airport and they still have some rooms on their block left now, but order ASAP if you want to stay in the building. Obviously there are many other hotels to stay at nearby too (I stayed elsewhere last time).

Last time, I went with a group of others and skipped the presentations on Sunday morning to go to church services. I’ll probably do that again, although obviously this time we’ll attend an Orthodox church TBD so come with some reverent attire.

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