Retiring My Fiat Donation Portal

I’ve decided to retire my fiat donation portal at, where people could donate to me via debit and credit cards. This will happen by the end of this calendar year.

It’s more in keeping with my principles of free software, self-ownership and everything else to only allow cryptocurrency donations. This also is a subtle nudge to people who want to donate in streams to get into Bitcoin and Monero, as opposed to using fiat online. You have no excuse now that they are cheap again!

So the fiat donation portal will open for a couple more weeks. It still works if you want to give a “good-bye” donation, but you might want to get some Bitcoin/Monero first if you don’t. 😉

Note that I now have my Bitcoin and Monero addresses in the footers of this site now. Much more minimal than running a payment gateway on a server!