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CV. (For those who like my CV style, I have the source .tex file here.)

Here is my Master's thesis. Written at the University of Georgia under the guidance of Vera Lee-Schoenfeld.

Random squibs

All of these papers I consider "unfinished" and are really about piquing interest, so feedback is welcome.

Scope Markings and Serial Phrase Parsing
Here I point out the formal parallel between Harmonic Serial phrase prosodification and the distribution of scope marking. I argue that scope marking is a kind of prosodic repair to rectify an imperfect local maximum acheived in a stocastic and serial derivation. Wh- words want to be prosodically unified with the position they take scope in, but if this is not possible due to independent reasons, scope marking appears as a repair.
Syntax is just a phonological construct!
A brief squib which is the inklings of a constraint-based syntax-less approach to word order. Word order falls out from prosodic constraints, without the need for syntax itself.
Scope without syntax: A Game Theoretic approach
Here I propose that scope availability is a result of pragmatic implicatures, not any formal syntactic operation. I suggest scope, and other perplexing aspects of language aren't actually part of the "language faculty," but fall the world knowledge and assumptions of speakers. (A preliminary presentation of this)
Some countercyclic problems at the nexus of phonology and syntax
Here I overview the many syntactic alternations of languages which are manifestly tied into phonological constraints, and note the problems that consensus Generative Grammar has with dealing with them.
Accomodating phonological structure: Extraposition, the EPP and trace effects
Similarly to above, I overview phonological control of syntactic structure and here attempt to motivate it. Less complete.