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Here are some ways to can donate to the channel and me. Every bit is appreciated.

Affiliate Links

Use these to "donate" without even costing you extra money:

Single donations

Recurring donations

I do have recurring donation sites like Patreon and Subscribestar, but I no longer post any paywalled content because it's too much trouble and I view it as arbitrary to paywall some material, so use these sites just to donate.

You can also use this button to set up a recurring donation:

Zelle Donate directly (no charge, via Zelle)

You probably haven't heard of it, but there is a relatively new money transfer system that most banks in the United States maintain called Zelle. It's really just a protocol for transferring money directly from account to account with just an email, so it works pretty much with the ease of PayPal.

If you have any bank account in the United States, you probably already have Zelle and don't know it.

To use it:

Note: If you send a Zelle donation for the podcast with a question or comment, I recommend also sending the question/comment to my email address. Zelle seems to sometime misplace comments on donations (at least with my bank): I get the money, but if you have a comment it doesn't always display to me.

Bitcoin Donate Cyptocurrency!

You can donate any of the cryptocurrencies below at their corresponding addresses. Scannable QR codes are provided for convenience if wanted.

Bitcoin Bitcoin

39Z2PRPXCiB7eFWQJPaoWChbAgmjmZYKRC – QR code

Monero Monero

48jewbtxe4jU3MnzJFjTs3gVFWh2nRrAMWdUuUd7Ubo375LL4SjLTnMRKBrXburvEh38QSNLrJy3EateykVCypnm6gcT9bh – QR code

Ethereum Ethereum

0x2f3D63580028b618f3204F01d156AB6A3E3470dB – QR code


If you use the Brave Browser or BAT, you can donate/tip while on any of my internet properties in the usual way, including my other websites, YouTube or Github. You may also send BAT to 0x21FCB99C0eA74A55EA49665d5d8066c8F5B2dA80 if you prefer.


You can donate LBC to me on my LBRY channel or at bE3kZkcBb5ofbewx9R9zykingvGRzBQYo4 if you prefer.

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