Here are some ways to can donate to the channel, LARBS, Not Related! and me. Every bit is appreciated!


Or use... Paypal PaypalLiberapay LiberapayGitthub Github sponsors

The best option for Americans is setting up a Zelle Zelle donation (read below) since Zelle is a direct bank transfer and never take any fee off the top.


Donate on the Streamlabs page at for a donation notification to appear on the stream. I will read all donations though, not just these.


You can donate cryptocurrencies at these addresses:

Use these to "donate" to me without even costing you extra money. You often get rewards for following these links.

Service What it is Your bonus What I Get
Vultr Vultr Virtual Personal Server for web hosting, email, servers etc. $100 credit for first month $25 if you stay on and pay at least $25. This is a steal. We must be ripping them off at this point.
Epik Epik Domain registrar. Cheap, but also with the ability for perpetual registrations. 20% in credit of your first purchase
Coinbase Coinbase Cryptocurrency trading platform $10 in Bitcoin after you buy/sell $100 worth in currencies. $10 in Bitcoin after you buy/sell $100 worth in currencies.
Brave Brave The web browser (see video) I use and recommend No extra reward, but you can get paid to view ads in Brave. Several dollars (depends on your country) in cryptocurrency if you stay on for 30 days.

Zelle Donate directly (no fee, via Zelle)

If you have any bank account in the United States, you probably already have Zelle and don't know it. It's a protocol built in to your online bank that transfers money for free.

To use it:

Note: If you send a Zelle donation for the podcast with a question or comment, I recommend also sending the question/comment to my email address. Zelle seems to sometime misplace comments on donations (at least with my bank): I get the money, but if you have a comment it doesn't always display to me.