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Here are some ways to can donate to the channel, LARBS, Not Related! and me. Every bit is appreciated!

Make either a single or recurring donation with this link:

That's the easiest way to donate, but I strong encourage Americans to look into Zelle Zelle if you have the time.


Recurring donations

I do have recurring donation sites like Patreon, but I no longer post any paywalled content because it's too much trouble and I view it as arbitrary to paywall some material, so use these sites just to donate.

Affiliate Links

Use these to "donate" without even costing you extra money:

Zelle Donate directly (no charge, via Zelle)

You probably haven't heard of it, but there is a relatively new money transfer system that most banks in the United States maintain called Zelle. It's really just a protocol for transferring money directly from account to account with just an email, so it works pretty much with the ease of PayPal.

If you have any bank account in the United States, you probably already have Zelle and don't know it.

To use it:

Note: If you send a Zelle donation for the podcast with a question or comment, I recommend also sending the question/comment to my email address. Zelle seems to sometime misplace comments on donations (at least with my bank): I get the money, but if you have a comment it doesn't always display to me.