Contact Me

Digital Contact Information

I’m not on Telegram, I’m not on Twitter, I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on Reddit, I don’t post on 4chan and no account there imitating me or any of my “brands” has any association with me other than fraudulent. I suppose I do have a Gab account which you can follow, but I don’t really use it.

Blocklist notes

My email server cannot communicate with iCloud or Zoho addresses, so if you have one of these accounts, do not email me there. I might ban Gmail at some time soon due to the sheer volume of spam I get from it, but for now, I still allow mails from Google.

Tech support

For tech support, do not contact me, use GitHub. If you identify a bug or small mistyping, you can email me though.

Consulting, Work

I am open to paid consulting if you need some kind of expertise I have. If so, do not keep me guessing on what it is, give me a full view of what you need in the initial email and a payment offer.

I’ve been really busy recently and can’t take on more work, so unless you want to make me a millionaire, I’m not doing new jobs.


  1. Don’t get offended if you don’t get a response. I get a lot of email. I can’t do pen pals.
  2. Don’t contact me about gossip or e-soyleb stuff (especially if it’s about me). This includes all “journalists.”
  3. Don’t contact me asking me to shill your product unless it is all free software and you have some comprehension of the themes of my channel. It should go without saying that we’re not consoomers here.