I'll visit South-East Europe (Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Constantinople) this Summer

I’ll be in south eastern Europe this summer (of 2023) in late June and early July.

Specific plans are still in the air, but I’ll be visiting Greece, Albania, Montenegro and possibly the European side of Turkey. I’ll also be in Kosovo, and while I know I have some fans in Serbia, I’m not sure I can cross into Serbia proper easily since the US accepts Kosovo as independent, but I believe that being there would be an illegal entrance into Serbia in the eyes of the Serbian government. Not sure about the specifics. You can elucidate me, but either way I’ll be in the region. If you guys start shooting each other, either way, that leg of the journey will be canceled so play nice until after this summer! 😉

I do know some people who live in or frequent the region. Now is your time to contact me if you’ll be there then. People I don’t know are welcome to contact me if they want to arrange a small public meet-up, which I am theoretically open to. I will be with other people in a group though, so don’t expect to separate me from my group for too long. I’m sure they’d come along if you’re not creeps.

I have a short list of Orthodox Churches and monastaries I intend to visit (although this is not a pilgrimage, and the people I’ll be with are not Orthodox), and also some other attractions. Suggestions of places to go, whether natural or man-made, religious are secular are welcome. Hints for good and cheap living in the region are invited as well, since I’ll again be with several people and I want to economize for everyone since we may be around several weeks. I think for a good portion of the time, we’ll just be hanging out in the area.

Contact me quick though, because we’re about to start buying tickets and making concrete plans and such.

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