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This list was started February 16, 2017. I only put things on this list that I 100% plan on doing (unless in parens). I've recently reformatted the list to be time based, to keep me on task!

I'll strike things out when successfully complete and move them to the bottom. There are also a lot of stuff I've done without ever remembering to put on the list in the first place...


Next Semester

I'll be teaching a partially-online linguistics course next semester. Since the content will be in video format, there's a possibility that I might be either releasing some of it on my channel or perhaps remixing it for YouTube.

Accomplished From This List

  • Explaining the ThinkPad meme Done.
  • The T420 Blazepad Done.
  • Video on EOMA68 and the future of decentralized computing Done.
  • Making quick presentations with markdown and pandoc Done.
  • Battlestation II Done.
  • My mpd/ncmpcpp config Done.
  • I'm going to be making my dotfiles more modular for my ease and the ease of my followers. This might take a bit, but I'll probably be uploading git repos of the subsystems. Done.
  • Presentation on consciousness and language Done.
  • Section on prosodically-driven word order to be done the week of the 26th. Done.
  • (Might put out a video on this?) Done.
  • I'm working on a qualifying paper. It'll be finished by May. Done. Final .pdf coming.
  • My mutt config Done.
  • After vimtutor Done.
  • Ricing my i3 setup (will involve automatic scripts now). Done.
  • Introduction to LaTeX Done.
  • Making my ThinkPad X60 free as in freedumb: Done.
  • Review of my ThinkPad X220 Done.
  • Making automatic ricing scripts for my Arch Linux setup Done.
  • Now a video on this. Done.
  • INSTALL GENTOO!!! (or Void Linux) Done. Installed Void. (May try Gentoo later anyway.)
  • A video making fun of Nate Silver cause hahaha lmao yeah screw that guy fam Done.
  • Make meme slideshows with one command. Done. See the end result here.
  • Moving my Arch/Parabola rice to either Gentoo or Void Done.
  • Figuring out OfflineIMAPS and getting to work with all my email accounts on mutt Done.