Here are some software projects I've done that you might find interesting or useful.

Note that many of my projects are featured in the Arch User Repository (AUR)—I list their AUR names here too.


You can get my dotfiles here, but you can also install them automatically with LARBS (GitHub).

The LARBS script can be customized to deploy your own dotfiles and configurations and will install the programs list you give it. Check the script and README for more.


mutt-wizard (mutt-wizard-git in the AUR) automatically sets up a fully-featured terminal-based email system on your computer allowing offline email, indexing with notmuch, automatic syncs via cronjobs, desktop notifications and the whole deal.

st – simple terminal

My build of st, the simple terminal (AUR: st-luke-git) maintains a couple features:

The Bible on the command line (King James Version, Greek Septuagint, and Latin Vulgate)

These are all based on this original repository. The only difference between my English kjv and the original is that I've added the Apocrypha.