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[   ]thesis.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 274KMy thesis. On the semantic and syntactic correlaries of external possession constructions across different languages
[   ]reason.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 151KA critique of the Heuristics and Biases program in cognitive science/psychology, typically assoicated with Kahnemann and Tversky
[   ]neuralnets_shivasutras.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 49KA discussion of the problem of 'interpretability' in cognitive modeling, arguing that uninterpretable models might actually be the guide to deeper understanding of neural archetecture. A linguistic comparison to the Shivasutras invoked.
[   ]synphon.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 241KOn the phonologically-motivated syntax, including phrasal grafting, strong starts and more.
[   ]countercyclic.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 194KGeneral problems in the modeling order of generative lingusitics
[   ]prelim1.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 290K 
[   ]pie_wordorder.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 160KSome crazy ideas about how Indo-European languages (and potentially other languages) conventionalize word order: verbs follow the different locations of particles in languages
[   ]worder.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 147K 
[   ]scopemarking.pdf2018-12-06 01:01 175KSome ideas that scope marking might be a prosodic repair to unite question words with the place they take scope, with some additional ideas about stochastic constraints

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