What I Do.

by Luke Smith

This is a list of services I provide freely on the internet. This is just so you know what you're getting when you donate. 😉

📼 Videos

Videos for education, knowledge and fleeting entertainment on:

I have many playlists on topics: starting your own website and server (Internet Landchad), vim tutorials, terminal programs, shell scripting, LaTeX, groff/troff minimalist documents, R and R markdown, dwm, minimalist software, linguistics, "Boomer rants in woods", and many more.

🎙️ Podcast

Not Related!

It's the best so it deserves its own section. I upload new episodes very rarely as a treat.

🖥️ Software

An installable Linux system on top of Arch and Artix Linux that provides a efficient and minimalistic system, with everything at your fingers and everything is as customizable as you want. It's a great way to get into tiling window managers, frequent vim-usage and other "power-user" stuff.
A command-line wizard that automatically configures an minimalist terminal-based email client using neomutt and with the ability to locally store and archive email for offline use.
A script that automatically installs and configures a working email server including all the annoying stuff like SpamAssassin, DKIM and SPF.
Suckless software forks
Command-line Bibles

🍲 Based.cooking, a recipe site


Yeah, I don't know how I got signed on to that one, lol.

📖 Reprinting project

This is not public yet, but I am nearly completion on a site that will reprint both popular and unsung Ancient, Classical and Medieval works in English and their original languages.

This has been several years in the making and will be a good way for me to sell unique and desirable books.