You don't choose who you are

I put up a brief "Lunchtime with Luke" video earlier today. Links below.

Lunchtime with Luke is now an official playlist.

In this video, I talk about the term "Bugman" and give a brief Gestalt of what it means.

Really the deeper point I was making was the non-arbitrariness of identity. There are now forces overwhelming in society pushing people to disconnect from and reject their families, religions, traditions, culture and even their countries.

One of the falsest notions now common in modernity is the idea that "identity" is something chosen by unaffected personal whim. To the Bugman, "identity" is something chosen like a favorite color, and it offends their programmed ego to be told that they were born how and where and in the social context that they were, and all of that is immutable.

In reality, an "identity" that is chosen is not an identity at all, but a coping mechanism for those people who have lost touch.