YangGang.us Website building livestream at 4:00 EST

You may've already seen that I'll be having a livestream at 4:00 EST. The link is here..

Since the Unaboomer website building stream didn't go public, I've decided to do another basic 1990's-tier plain HTML website stream, this one making YangGang.us, which will be a classic repository of YangGang memes.

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is the newest, hottest meme as in our increasingly degenerate country, as he has abandoned all pretense and merely promised to give everyone $1,000 a month if elected president. This has inspired hope among the black-pilled and a $1,000 stipend can go a long way for NEETs and those who choose an /innawoods/ lifestyle. How can Orange Man even compete?

Send me any good YangGang memes you run across. Chances are I already have them, but send them just in case.