Why I don't use polybar anymore? (And on ricing)

I occasionally get asked why I use my "ugly" status bar which is a simple i3blocks with gaudy emojis rather than the more elegant polybar which I used in earlier videos, like say, this one, or bumblebee-status, which I used even earlier here.

First, right off the bat, I know a lot of people think of me as a desktop "ricer", i.e. someone who makes substantial changes to their computers for aesthetic purposes, but this really isn't the case. The only sense in which I care about my computer's appearance is its ability to present important things very obviously and the speed with which I can do whatever thing I'm doing on a computer. "Ricing" a term that comes from the automobile-modification world meaning "Race-Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement". A true ricer is all about making his computer elegant. I'm not. I care about efficiency and do have some minor aesthetic things (like transparency), but these are only to keep me from getting bored out of my mind. I even used solarized colors for a while which shows obviously I don't care that much about how a computer looks.

If you want a very good example of real ricing, I recommend you check out this recent video by iBSD, where he shows a AwesomeWM configuration theming it to Game of Thrones. That might sound absurd and pure flex, but check it out; it's very impressive.

But anyway, there are a couple specific reasons I don't use "the pretty" polybar:

My reasons for bumblebee-status anymore are somewhat similar (with the additional fact that it's written in Python and tended to eat up system resources).

Anyway. I only write all this because I am sort of thinking of configuring a "prettier" statusbar, but since people ask about my previous choices I want to make it clear what I care about in system configuration. If you have any suggestions of a status bar that...

Please tell me.