Whomst lives in Georgia?

Friendship ended with Arizona; now Georgia is my best friend.

I just finished my move from Arizona, which is more relieving than I can possibly express. Classwork is done, and the only possible reason I'll ever be returning to that quite literal hell-hole is for when I defend my dissertation and my graduation ceremony.

The thing is, while I've moved from Arizona, I haven't really moved anywhere in particular; I'll be living with family and friends until I decided where I want to live exactly. Here are my options:

Other data:

Anyway, the title of the post is "Whomst lives in Georgia?" because I'm curious. I know some subscribers live in Athens, and if there are a lot there, or a lot in Kennesaw or another college town, that might be a reason to move there, so we can have IRL meetups or stuff or I can do stuff at university events, etc. Feel free to respond to the thread on this on the forum or if you don't want to dox yourself, just mail me (luke@lukesmith.xyz).