When I bring back the forum, what should its name be?

Some people have already noticed that I revitalized forum.lukesmith.xyz. They've noticed because there are people who are periodically F5ing it still. Yes. The forum is coming back. I've actually already put a lot of preparation and elegant features into it already that I'll talk about when its fully open. Right now, it's not yet open to the public, but it will be soon. I'll update you when that happens via RSS, and might even put up a video.

A more pressing matter is what I should call the forum. Here are a couple of options, feel free to email your suggestions to me or your opinions on one:

Note that the URL is still forum.lukesmith.xyz and unless I get a totally brilliant name for a new name that's worthy of a separate domain, I don't see that changing. I might link forum.notrelated.xyz to it though.

I will say I plan on branding the site with my name. Some people suggested in the past I should give the forum a generic /g/ related name to make it accessible to people outside of my channel. Frankly here's no point in pretending it isn't anything my my forum, especially since the topics unified under that might have little relationship with each other except in the sublimated way that the topics on my channel are related at a sublimated level. I'm not against rebranding it without my name in the future, but at the beginning, the unifying force between all my users is me and it wouldn't make sense to base the branding on something that only a subset of the users have in common.