What should be the default browser for LARBS?


I'll probably record a video on this tomorrow, but I might as well ask my blog audience first, What should be the default web browser in LARBS?

Right now it's Brave, since that's what I do and it comes with a lot of features I consider basic already built in. The problem with nearly all web browsers is that it's pretty hard and annoying to put together "dotfiles" for them, a default profile that has sensible defaults.

Brave is especially nice because it comes with add-ons that block adds, redirect to HTTPS and add Tor and torrenting capabilities. But while sometimes Brave will prompt the user on first run for their preferred start engine, on some systems after running LARBS, it will just assume Google, which I absolutely want to avoid.

I'm sure you all have the agency to change your search engine to something more sensible, most use DuckduckGo (I prefer Searx), but when it comes to the default, the sileny majority is going to continue with the default idly, and I don't want to set them on the wrong path. Why even use Linux if you're just going to send everything straight to Google anyways?

Possible browsers

Premptive 'no' to the following

I'll also say, and I had never heard this take until I did my video on Brave, I obviously have no qualms about using a chromium-based browser. Apparently there are people out there who have the idea that source code is just magically evil if it was written by Google, even if it is 100% free and open source and well-audited. Anyway, share your opinions! What did I miss?

Email me what you think at luke@lukesmith.xyz and you might influence me before I record the video tomorrow morning.