Video on cronjobs for managing my system

I just released a brief video on cronjobs, how to make them for new users, including the syntax, but also some of the jobs that I have run on my machine (also about the minor annoyance of specifying displays for some graphical commands).

I didn't start using cronjobs until only a couple months ago, but now I've fully integrated them into my system. As I state in the video, I do my updating via cron by havine a pacman -Syuw --noconfirm command run every two hours to check for and download package updates (it also gives me a preview of the number of updateable packages on my i3blocks bar). I then finalize the update when I want, but don't have to watch the downloading happen. If you want, you could just as easily remove the -w and have the updating done all automatically if you don't feel like you need to see what's new.

Any suggestions on new cronjobs are welcome!