Updates about Money and Patreon

First, as a reminder, I do indeed have a Patreon and encourage people to join. As stiff of a veneer I pretend to have when it comes to money, I won't pretend that there is a great psychological effect to getting new patrons and bigger pledges. Now that I'm dissertating, if I can start making decent money on YouTube, it will affect a lot how much free time I'll have if I can live with on part-time work. If you don't like Patreon as a platform, donate via Liberapay or Paypal.

I said so a couple days ago in a part of another post, but I'm switching my Patreon to being based "by creation" rather than "by month" so people get charged by content rather than time. As longer viewers know, sometimes I have to take several weeks off, while other times, I'm making videos every day. If you're already a patron on Patreon, you might want to change your settings. Specifically, everyone has been grandfathered in from the monthly donation scheme with those settings. If you want to pledge by creation now, you'll have to adjust the per unit donation and your maximum.

Of course my Liberapay is, by its nature set to on a weekly basis, so if you want a clearer time-based donation system, try them out. Liberapay, unlike Patreon, does not skim money off the top for themselves, so if you're thinking about using one of them for time-based donations and don't have any account yet, go with Liberapay.

By the way, Patreon says I'm making $180 per video, which isn't accurate. It's really more like $180 per month plus about $10 or so for the first few videos; it simply adds in the monthly donators to that number. If I could actually make near $200 per video or more, I could basically retire and do this full time ;-).