Trip up Country and Looking for Land

This coming weekend, I'll be taking a partially-family-related-partially-personal trip up to Indiana with some crucial stops on the way. The only complication is that I don't own a car, so my four-state trip will be mediated by bus, meaning I'll be paying much less than I would be for gas or a plane and I'll have plenty of time for uninterrupted reading and work. I've also bought a ThinkPad slice battery that I'll be picking up right before, so I can try that out as well.

Anyway, why I'm going to Indiana isn't important for you, but as many of you know, I've been in the market for land recently, and have been planning on buying a remote plot for building a large cabin or small house for a long-term home or short-term place for vacation and storage. On my way back from my trip, I'll be stopping in Tennessee to look at some parcels. I don't want to spend more than $20,000 for land, and I'd like to get at least 5 acres for that (ideally less and more of course). I'm already doing the math for how much it will cost to build a house to my specifications, but a lot is going to be a function of what kind of land I can get

I've picked Tennessee because it's still relatively close to my family, but is politically and regulatorily much better than Georgia. There's low property tax, no state income tax, relatively free homeschooling and apparently less zoning/building restrictions in most places. Georgia on the other hand is literally a 56% state nowadays (well according to Wikipedia, 55.9% actually), which means sooner or later it will be a blue state. Of course, even if blue in a presidential election, it would probably only be a generation later before this filters down into local elections, which realistically means over-regulation and extreme managerial state is still fairly distant. Still, since I have the choice of where to put roots down, it's an easy one. I have thought of places further north: Kentucky or West Virginia, but the proximity to Georgia is still a minor plus for me. I don't know how the situation is going to be in Tennessee by the time my children have to think about this, but I'll be working for it to be good.

I'll also enjoy the milder climate in Tennessee. I honestly just want to be where I don't need an air-conditioner for most of the year.

Anyway, if everything works out, there might be a house-building, property-maintenance and bushcraft portion of my channel before too long. I can't say when, but if I find something good, I might be moving into the area and renting a place while I work on my new home. Another hopeful result of this would be reducing my economic needs to nearly nothing by self-sufficiency, enough that I could even life exclusively off my online income... or less.