The Stallman stuff is cringe.

I put up a new video here about the Richard Stallman silliness. It probably means the end of the FSF in multiple tangible ways, although I suspect the organization will live on. If you know my view on things, I doubt it will seriously change things for better or worse.

As I say in the video, people who out of one mouth whine about the "SJW" takeover of technology, but have also have piled on Stallman are hypocritical. I don't really have any sympathy for Stallman either. If you live by leftist degeneracy, they'll be coming for you too eventually, and I'll be lolling. Stallman is just another guy who tried to "be reasonable" with people who are motivated singularly by winning and getting what they want in the public socio-political theater rather than by honesty and thinking things through.