The New Year's Livestream will be on Atlantis time

The New Year's livestream will be treating a timezone out in the middle of the Atlantic (UTC -2) as the "real New Year". That is, we will be on the time of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. This is most convenient for me, but also pretty much avoids any personal conflicts most people will have with the climax of the New Year. I might start as early as 3 hours beforehand, or probably will at least open up the chat while preparing, so these are the times you can come in at:

I have no huge plans for the actual moment of the New Year, so feel free to come and leave whenever. I'll probably open up the chatroom relatively early. As I said, I'll probably mostly be reviewing the peak moments of 2018 on the channel, playing short meme videos and responding to viewer supercummies and such (gibs info here).