Starting a Mumble server and 'Unaboomer Cabin' series

I'm going to start offering elite stuff to donators:

Go to Patreon to join now. The Mumble passwords will be up in a couple days (actually maybe later today if everything goes right).

If you don't have or don't want to get a Patreon, if you say you want one of the perks in the comment of a Paypal or Zelle donation (be sure to include your email too), I will give you that month's password. All donation methods are listed here. That's a little more work for me though, so Patreon is preferred at this point.

I'll also say what I did in the Patreon post: I am looking at some open source equivalents to Patreon that can be run on my own server. In the future, I might switch to one of these if I can get them to do everything I need, but if I do, everything on Patreon will carry over, so don't sweat it.

I'll probably do a video saying all this tomorrow or the next day when I have the chance, but I wanted to offer it to RSS chads first of course.