Redesigning the website

I've been redesigning the website again, trying to simplify it. Before, I was going for a "personal introduction" with pictures on the mainpage, but now I'm going for something slimmer.

The biggest problem is always fitting all the links I have so that they aren't annoying! While I lack most social media sites, it's a pain having so many video archives and other things to link... I've decided to go with a classic dropdown menu (pure CSS, sorry JS-soydevs).

I do want to start writing up more guides and content on my website proper, and that might happen soon. We'll see.

I might be changing around the aesthetics of the site a little bit more, but I think it has the general look I want. I sort of need a new headshot. I have a sketch of my drawn by a friend on the mainpage now just because I'm getting tired of all my profile photos.