Redesign of Website

I've reformatted my personal website a bit, and I've readded the video gallery page which I had on my last site. YouTube is terrible about showing older videos to users, so it's nice having my own archive of things displayed logically. If I don't do that, I literally get oblvious questions all the time asking me to do a video on things I did a video on last week. I can hardly even blame summerfriends for that since if you're a new viewer, you have no good way of knowing what kind of stuff I've made videos on on YouTube because they never recommend non-recent videos and they have no good UI for looking someone's video history.

That's actually one of the ironies about YouTube. For all they complain about there being a drought of advertisers, they put out all the incentives for people to put out more and more junk videos constantly. It's easy to see from my side the enormous bias YouTube gives to videos that are 72 hours old, but after those 72 hours, very few people will ever see any given video unless it absolutely goes viral.