Recommended libre/open source crypto wallet?

First off, congrats to all you Stinky Linkies who've become millionaires on your internet Monopoly money in the past weeks! (I actually went ahead and added my Chainlink wallet to my donate page just because it might actually become a thing...)

What a retard I was for having a meme folder of Chainlink Pepes for months and it wasn't until it was nearly $9 that I bought! Sad! Even if the price gets bogged, I'll still make some good money, so I'll live with it.

Apu with Chainlink

Anyway, on a related note, unfortunately there are too many dirty normies who trade crypto who have no taste in software. I've never been happy with the crypto wallets/services I use. Most applications I've used are Bitcoin only.

So if anyone is semi-passionate about their wallet, I'm looking for a better one. The ideal credentials would be:

Preferably also...

I've been using Coinomi, which became closed source a while back due to people freeloading their services and some other issues.

Of course, there is probably a way to generate a wallet on the command line and use it from there. Theoretically if I was going to look how to do that up on YouTube, I would look on my channel, but I do not know how, so if someone wants to red-pill me on an easy way to do without using some obvious program on the Linux command line, feel free to tell me.

Actually, open season on any crypto-tips: if anyone has based recommendations for how best to buy/sell/withdraw in a cost effective manner or anything else, feel free to share. It wasn't until the past year or so that I had any crypto holdings, so I'm sure that there's a lot I don't know, especially because most of the "resources" for crypto on the internet are literally paid shills or scammers.