Please be on the lookout for this phenomenon among pretentious Zoomers

I've noticed an as-of-yet undescribed linguistic habit among Zoomers (born from late 1990's) who fancy themselves big-braned. If you know the first thing about Labovian sociolinguistics, people who are similar in identity subtly pick up and standardize similar linguistic habits, often without noticing them.

To put it succinctly, some pretentious Zoomer males (of which there are many on YouTube) have a way of talking that I can only describe as sounding like they're talking with their mouths semi-full... It's some unique way of posturing their mouth, but I can't say what exactly this is articulatorily.

I want to compile more examples of this. I actually don't want to link specific examples of this because I'm curious first if other people have noticed this in certain personalities. If so, I recommend sending me links to ensure I'm not going crazy in noticing it; I've already compiled a small list of big-braned Zoomers with this style of talking. Full report later.