Physiognomy is real! (A request)

You may've heard of physiognomy, which is the study of how people's physical appearances or faces relate to their psychology or personality. Physiognomy is interesting because it was one of those many fields brushed aside as "pseudo-scientific" ironically enough my the early 20th century bugman scientists who lacked the tools to study it (and were also afraid of something that could be perceived as wacist). Nowadays, however, with better experimental techniques and sometimes even the aid of artificial intelligence, there have arisen a lot of different experimental studies finding that physiognomy is very real as a correlation between body/facial structure and personality, but also that people are very good at judging other peoples' personalities from that structure.

This often trickles into the news media when we hear about faces being "gay" or "racist". We hear about how political persuasion correlates with body strength or religious zeal being readable from one's face. There are more subtle things, like a person's index to ring finger ratio that are registers of prenatal testosterone, thus correlating with all manners of things. And then there's left-handedness.

This shouldn't be a surprise for anyone. The nerd and the chad have separate personalities, but their different bodies and dispositions reflect them. One might cause the other, or be related for other reasons, but the correlations are there and everyone knows and recognizes them.

Anyway, for the podcast, I'm planning on doing an episode on physiognomy. Yes, I know I haven't put out an episode in around month, but I've been unable to record due to factors out of my control ;-). I have this and two (sort of three) other episodes under construction and I think once I move to my new place January, I'll have much more recording time.

I'm saying all this because I'm curious if people reading have any physiognomy data or even anecdotes. I've compiled a lot of studies on this kind of stuff over time, but feel free to send me what you have. There's a big and speculative field out there, so I'd like to cover what people have found interesting even if I haven't found it myself. Do not send me news media links. Send me links to the papers that they're based on.