PeerTube will be down for migration today


My new PeerTube instance will be temporarily down today as I migrate to a new and much better server with plenty of storage space and bandwidth (and a better processor to boot).

I've already started the transfer, but I'll need to stop the current instance in an hour or so to make sure I can transfer the whole database without a problem and test it all. That means that the video site (but nothing else) will go dark for a couple hours.

The new instance will still be at Hopefully I will be able to move the whole database over without data loss, but if I fail to do that, it will just start a new instance and people can recreate accounts and re-follow my instance. Hopefully that won't be necessary though.

And yes, I'll be able to transfer all my old videos over once this migration is complete. PeerTube has some scripts that automatically mirror YouTube channels and I'll have plenty of hard-drive space.