Oooof! Big server downage!

I was playing around with my server today, you know, the one where I host my website the LARBS website and the Not Related! website.

I ended up "accidentally" install a nginx server which obviously interferred with my preexisting apache server (well, at least because I was running a hand-holding distro that automatically turns everything on when you install something!). This caused a general crash of everything a couple hours ago.

It would've been an easy fix, but I decided instead to just wipe the whole thing and restart on a clean server, so that's what I'm doing. This time, I'm just running nginx.

Anyway, some things are still down and I'm going to dinner tonight, so it might be until tomorrow that I fix everything:

Thanks to that email script I made a while ago I can receive emails, but it looks like I have to tinker with it a little more for isync. I guess that's for the best since I'll update the script for other people.