One week in nowhere

As I mentioned in my last livestream, I'm spending this coming week in a remote, undiscolsed location with minimal internet connection. Earlier today I was Booming as usual back home, but I took a long drive to a family area several hundred miles away where I'll probably be for the next week. If you're reading this on or shortly after the 15th, it means I at least had the cell service to update the blog, but don't expect any videos this week (although I will be recording some for later release).

I decided to leave town because I can, and because I'd like to have free time to work on whatever strikes me. I always recommend building a "schedule" which is purposefully mostly empty: only then can you truly end up doing what matters. Perhaps I'll make some videos or record podcasts or work on my dissertations. We'll see.

You often forget, even when you live in a pretty small city what exactly true silence sounds like. Back where I live now, there is still the constant nightly buzz of Zoomers at the club listening to that damned Kanye/Lil Pump song 6 million times a night. Here during nightime, however, at first you hear nothing, and only after long exposure do you hear the distant packs of wolves and wild dogs howling at each other, or the bleating of a boar. When in non-rural areas usually most of what you hear is drowned out as the unimportant mess it is, if you go for a midnight stroll in a dark forest, every sound becomes meaningful, if not alarming. Even as I write this on the porch of the isolated house, a larger animal is rummaging gently in the bush just out of my field of view. I'm a little unnerved as it seems to be working its way slowly to me, perhaps trying to figure out the clacking of a ThinkPad keyboard and the brightness of the accompanying ThinkLight.

I thought about soiling an earlier night walk by recording a video, but while your eyes adjust to the only light, the moon, a cell phone can hardly make the adjustment and capture the actual appearance of anything, not least by blaring its electronic luminescene on everything. Anyway, I'm going to try to upload at least this post and turn of what remaining electronics I have here.