Okay, now THIS is epic. (groff correction)

Feel free to ignore the post about groff that I made a bit ago about escape sequences for accented characters in groff! Ends up in reality, it's even easier and /comfier/!

One of you emailed me soon after noting that you can simply give groff the -k option which will automatically run the file through preconv, a program that automatically converts unicode characters to code readable by groff/troff with no extra work and no ugly formatting! Now THIS is ebin. Thanks again, Efe, for this emendation. You still can do it in the way I mentioned, but would you really want to when its this easy?

Remember also, that while I'm doing videos on groff, I'm probably one of only several dozen who have tried to navigate the scant groff/troff documentation in the past decade. That means if you go reading either the man or the much more copious documentation in a book or hard-to-find online information, you'll very quickly find or notice something I (or anyone else) hasn't. Feel free to post whatever you find or email me about it, chances are, I might be just as pleasantly surprised as you.