Not Related! is officially back. New episode tomorrow morning.

The madman has finally done it.

I've finally restarted Not Related!, my long lost podcast!

Download the new Season 2 introducion episode.

You can also see the episode on YouTube, although obviously the audio format is primary.

I always shot for the perfect sweet spot between that signature "Big-Braned" content and a kind of non-pretentiousness: while the topics of Not Related! are always different, they're all in depth coverages of topics out of the typical realm of common knowledge and internet discussion, oftentimes found in somewhat abstruse study... If I've wasted time in my life learning something, I might as well make it more accessible to others, even if part of that is just previewing it in audio format.

Some had noted that a kind of a pattern emerged behind some podcast episodes: deflating some of the academic pretentions of institutionalized science. That might continue in some episodes (definitely the first real episode, which will come out tomorrow morning), but I really only promise varied and unexpectedly interesting content.

I've learned on the internet that you can never wait around and expect someone else to cover topics, so while I sort of quit the podcast out of tiredness, I view returning to it as a kind of duty. I was happy with its content and direction.

Anyway, blah, blah. Subscribe to the podcast RSS feed. Listen or relisten to the older episodes too.

I read any kind of donation during the middle-of-the-episode break, so if you have a smart comment or an innocent question about a previous episode, submit it with a donation and I'll read it. Again, I've already recording the first real episode for the second season, but I might be recording #2 soon after.