New Year and New Plans

Hi everyone! I want to thank all who showed up for the New Years livestream, especially those who donated.

If I occasionally sound burnt out on making videos, I have to say that that's mostly illusion or temporary and I'm very glad with the success the channel has had in the past year. I hope to go a lot further, while not fundamentally altering the quality or realness of the channel. No irrelevant sponsors or special production team.

I forgot to say until deep into the stream, but the thing I have my eye on getting for the channel next is an EOMA68 computer card and casing. This is an upcoming and experimental kind of privacy/freedom-respecting computer that appeals to my non-consumerism and sense of efficiency: it's modular, utterly free/libre from the bottom up and designed with a mostly 3D printable case. I talked about the EOMA68 in a video, but haven't yet gotten my hands on one, despite thinking that it represents very positive movements in computer construction. Obviously I plan on testing and reviewing it for all of you; I'm optimistic about it.

The "actual computer" part is a severable card that is supposed to be hosted in different ports: a laptop shell or a desktop shell, etc. This reduces redundancy and easily separates the outward shell from the computer itself, both of which can be easily replaced if damaged or obsolete. The computer card itself actually has pretty unimpressive specs, but this early in the game, that's part of the fun. It is also lacking some typical ports (last time I did research on it, I don't believe there was an ethernet port, so you'd either need an ethernet adapter or wifi dongle). These deficiencies are related to the adherence to strict open hardware standards from what I can glean.

In the livestream, I raised enough money for the computer card itself (I'll be getting one with Parabola GNU/Linux), but also for the desktop casing and then some. I'll be buying these soon (together they are $120 and then taxes, etc.). I'd also like to buy the laptop casing which is either $450-500 depending on whether I can 3D print the parts myself, but we didn't quite raise that much. If you'd like to see me review the laptop casing as well, please donate and I'll order it too! Honestly, I'd sort of like to start a crowd funding account just so people can see where there money is going to, I might do that. Either way, I'll be getting the desktop casing and the computer card before they ship out on February 1st.

Of course if you or someone you know is involved with the EOMA68, you could always send me a freebie and that money can go to the project next on the list. 😉

Anyway, I can't tell you what's next for my channel because part of it has always been its non-planned nature (otherwise it would be lame), but remember to keep tabs on the RSS feed.