New video showcase of my dwm build

I haven't been using my RSS feed to annouce videos recently, but I feel like I should be... 🤔

Anyway, I've released a video showcasing dwm here. If you're reading this post right as I'm releasing it, it's been set as a premiere on YouTube to release at the top of the hour.

The title is naturally self-aware clickbait, the video is just a brief, updated explanation of the logic of dwm, similar to my original video a year or so ago on it, albeit catered to my build.

I also go into some of the stuff I've added recently that make it a drop in improvement over my old i3 dotfiles.

The dwm build is here, the status bar, which I'll do an idividual video on later is here, and remeber that you'll need to install libxft-bgra for it to render color characters without crashing.