New st build additions: link handling and Xresources and pywal compatibility

Since people don't austistically check my Github commits, I get a lot of questions about st (the simple terminal by suckless), my build and feature requests. Actually, a lot of people seem to think I'm still using urxvt...

Anyway, I've put up a new video on st here, which is a complement to my original video. I talk about some of the additional features I've patched in, like reading variables, including font and colors from Xresources, more intuitive vim-like binds, and a binding that reads all urls on the screen and feeds them to dmenu for selection. The last feature can largely replace using urlview or urlscan, although it requires xurls (and dmenu).

To be clear, reading Xresources does make st compatible with automatic pywal colorschemes (if you don't know what wal/pywal is, I did a video on it here!). I've actually had this in my st build for a while now, but I still get requests for this feature!