New Git repo: Greek Septuagint/New Testament on the command line

I got an email this morning from a subscriber asking about command-line tools for Biblical textual criticism/study, specifically in Greek or Hebrew. Most of you know I'm terrible with email due to the sheer quantity I get, but for whatever reason, I saw this and was a little inspired to actually work it out.

Before this morning are were some good English tools, like this one on Github (kjv-git in the AUR), but no to my knowledge, nothing really in the original language. kjv-git can return any (English) King James Version Bible verse, series of verses or whole book at your command, but there is no obvious equivalent in Greek or Hebrew. This is an annoyance because for anyone like me who occasionally needs a Bible verse or the original wording of a passage, you have to open up a browser and search for it in a bloated website written by a Soydev.

Anyway, this morning since I was skipping church for highly justified reasons, I forked the repository and painstakingly found and rearranged a plaintext Greek Septuagint (i.e. the Old Testament) and the SBL Greek New Testament so that they could be read by the same system. Took a lot of regexing, but you can get it for yourself here: Many Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books are included if you like the Bible: Expanded Universe.

I'll probably eventually record a video on it, but I'm travelling and didn't bring by mic/webcam to record, so I might do it next week. Before then, I recommend you check it out and find any glitches if there are any.