New crypto currency addresses

As a note, I've changed by cryptocurrency donation addresses. You can see them on my crypto donation page, but in short, they're now:

There are QR codes on the donate page as well if you want to scan them visually.

I was just changing wallets for some optimization reasons. I've never bought any crypto myself, but I have accepted donations with it, but only a small handful. It was a little surprising to check them to see a significant rally: last time I checked several months ago, all my crypto wallets totalled to maybe $50, now they're $250+. We'll see how long that lasts though.

Either way, if you think crypto is going to rally or fall or do nothing, feel free to donate at any of the above addresses. If you want to donate with another currency, just say so and I'll add an address. I might list out a lot of them on that page in a bit because I do have other addresses, but I just haven't used them yet.

More big news soon though... Been working on some new projects, one of which I mentioned on Patreon earlier.