mutt-wizard is better now

Over the past few days I've made some changes to mutt-wizard. I was always fearing feature bloat, and it was getting to the point that to install a single email address, you had to it through like 5 or 6 questions asking if you wanted to limit the number of offline emails you wanted to keep or if you had a Protonmail account, etc.

I've now released a version that uses command-line options. You can manually specify options, or if mutt-wizard cannot determine them, only then will you be prompted for them.

In the simplest case, to add an email, just run: mw -a and that's it. If you use my emailwiz to setup your own email server, that system uses a system login, so you'll have to specify your user login with -u as well: mw -a -u luke but that's it.

Check the manual for more. For example, instead of an annoying prompt asking if you use Protonmail, Protonmail users are now just expected to add -p when they run the command. Use -m to set a maximum number of messages. Use -o to have only an online account without storing mail offline or use -f to force adding an account and guess mailboxes without attempting an initial connection. Set or override server details with one of -iIsS.

Expect more improvements too. I've been putting of some changes just because I had intended to do this for a while. I cannot guaranee that mutt-wizard 3.0.0 is backwards-compatible with mutt-wizard before. If you add new accounts, it will not break anything, but the sync commands and the delete commands work a little different, so you might want to backup and remove your current settings and re-add all your accounts in the new system. The big backend change (for those who know the script) is that I got rid of the $title variable, which is a name you give the account and that its profiles are stored as. Now, it's just stored by its real email address for simplicity's sake so users don't have to be prompted for another variable.

I might add the ability to specify passwords on the command-line as well so you can run the script without any human interaction as well. Might be soon when I get the chance. Find and report any errors to me or documentation I missed. None of the user-interface of mutt will have changed at all.