Monetized with Super Chats

I took a long (several hour) walk to clear my head this morning, and came back to a pleasant surprise: YouTube has finally (after five or six months of review) monetized my channel. I don't have the slightest idea how much money I'll actually end up getting from this, but I hope it's decent enough.

Of course, my studious core of viewers all will be using ad-blockers. The one I usually recommend is Ad Nauseam, which is not just a blocker, but a dazzler. If you don't like ads, don't feel like you need to permit them from my channel to get me more revenue. I'm sure there are plenty other who will be watching them without. I only monetized after polling my audience at the old forum (some 80% just told me to monetize) and if you're part of that remaining 20%, just block them as you usually would.

The other nice detail is that I can now allow "Super Chats" in livestreams. If you don't know, that's when users can pay money to have their chat message plastered prominently in the chat window for a period proprtional to their donation. I think chats in my livestreams are off decent enough size that people would be willing to get some of these. But then again, now doing le bloodsports seems like a much more appealling prospect. Any takers?