Minor blog addition

As an experiment, I've added to my blog system (lb) an extra element, only amounting to a small edition of code. This is an additional (more traditional) blog index page, which you can see here.

It's pretty simple and really just prepends new entries to the top just like the rest of the blog system does for your RSS feed and the rolling blog file. The titling by month is not automatic, so each month, you'd have to add a new heading though. Not sure if I want to bother automating that.

It does add the date to the title as well, which is automatic, but I didn't add it to older entries since I revising that would be a little more difficult.

I've pushed these changes to the Github, but they're still liable to change a little bit. You can feel free to update your local repo or not, as it won't affect the rest of the system whether you use this feature or not.