Merry Christmas! and Bitchute Update

While most of my family is napping after the Christmas dinner, I'm taking some time to back-up some videos on my Bitchute channel (feel free to subscribe). Yes, I have a Bitchute channel. Stop telling me to get one. I've had one for over a year now. If you had looked you would've found it!

If you don't know, Bitchute is a video channel based on the bit torrent protocol, meaning that while it is still a niche video site, it has the potentiality to improve quality and bandwidth with more viewership while traditional sites would rely on buying up a huge server farm. Bitchute also has a relatively firm commitment to non-censorship, a commitment which has cost them much, including access to PayPal, but they have never renegged.

Anyway, Bitchute automatically mirrors any new video on my YouTube channel, so it has all the videos I've put up since I started it, but is lacking those I made in early 2017, so I'm in the process of manually uploading them. If anyone knows an automatic upload system, feel free to tell me, but Bitchute's channel UI tends to lack those kinds of perks.

So anyway, you'll see some old (but new) videos popping up on my Bitchute, if you haven't seen them, now's your chance. Again, the link is: