Manjaro is good for noobs.

I put out a video on why I always recommend Manjaro for new users. Get Manjaro at

Manjaro has a couple of main benefits over other distros:

Of course, reading the comments from new users, I am continually reminded that the real hurdle to getting the most out of Linux is a psychological one: most users want to replicate their Windows 10 setup perfectly and more than that, have the mindset of a passive consooomer for whom even the most inconsequential unexpected things on an operating system are a world-ending impossibilities and sources of frustration.

There's a lot to say about that. I spend a lot of time making videos to make life easier for other people. One thing I've realized is that there are some people who get a lot more excitement out of complaining than having solutions to their problems.

I don't understand that psychology, but it's ubiquitous.