Luke Smith in 1080p!

I want to thank again Henok S. for getting me and the channel the simple yet elegant ThinkVision T2224D monitor! I showcase it here in a new video! This is less of a gift to me than a gift to everyone who watches my channel because it means that my screencasts will be recorded in full wide 1080p HD, and not the awkward 1680x1050 resolution of the fatt TV monitor I used to use and then mutilated by the resolution requirements of YouTube into 1152x720!

You can see from the video (probably if you're watching in 1080p or even less) that the screen and webcam should be a good bit crisper since it's no longer going through that awkward conversion. On my side, the color of the monitor is also fantastic. Obviously you can't really see it, but it definitely makes a difference for me.

I deliberately also got an IPS panel and it looks great (I had to read up on screen technology a little when shopping around). I have an IPS on my X220 and had always noticed the much more vivid colors compared to other screens. It made me prefer to use the smaller laptop screen on occasions. The IPS panel is seriously great looking. It doesn't come over in photos how good it looks, so I can't directly show you, but it is very comfortable. I had to read up on different options, but it seems that IPS is pretty much the best unless you want more Hertz for video-gayming. I definitely love it.

The monitor I got was on the cheap side, a little over $100. There are more expensive equivalents, including other made by Lenovo, that often come with either speakers, USB ports, more ports for displays and other options, sometimes even webcams. I just wanted a monitor that was a monitor (and didn't want to make my benefactor feel obliged to buy an extortionate item ;-)). If I want to "expand" later, I can get a dual display with a fancier thing, but what I have is already great, and much better than before!

So again, you can look foward to seeing my screencasts in 1080p and can thank Henok for that!