Looking for LARBS-user submissions!

I'm bringing back the official LARBS website: LARBS.xyz, which for the past few months has only redirected to my main site, with one pitiful informational page. LARBS.xyz proper is now up again, and I'm going to be beautifying it and adding content.

As you may know, a recurring joke on the channel is this constant torrent of new users constantly asking "how did you get your computer to look like that". While a lot of you use LARBS, I'd guess that most of the people flippantly subscribed to the channel don't know about it, despite it being the answer to most of their questions.

In an effort to redo the LARBS website for me to advertise it, I'm looking for LARBS users to send me screenshots of them using my dotfiles, or any derivatives of them to put as examples on the site. Maybe you've kept the dotfiles mostly the same, maybe you've switched out the status bar, redone the colors and bindings, use your own fork of LARBS to deploy your own dotfiles, it all works. I want people to have an idea of how LARBS has positively affected users' setups regardless.

So send me (luke@lukesmith.xyz) a simple scrot shot, but also feel free to send a "testamonial" if you'd like, even a meme-tier one. I just want stuff that will give people an idea of what they're getting into in using LARBS.