Linux is the Wild West! Talk is now out

I've uploaded my Linuxfest talk at this link. Check it out. Southeast Linuxfest sends their apologies for not recording my face, but luckily I brought all the equipment for recording on my own machine.

Again, the talk was pretty packed with a lot of standers, especially considering the late time; it was great presenting and meeting all the people I did. I might be going next year as well if I have the time and hope to see all of you again (with many others).

Linuxfest also had set tables for lesser donnors to advertise their wares. At least one group was livestreaming throughout the event, and I figure that might be an option for me in the future. (I've also thought about merch, but it always strikes me as contrived and a little too consumerist.) I'm not actually sure how much they charge for the tables, but it's crossed my mind to crowdfund the money. That's probably something to think about in the future though.