Le Purity-Spiral Nationalism

New episode of Not Related! out on Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America.

The general argument of the book is that America, as it exists ethno-culturally has never been one unit, but four loosely competitive and highly distinct cultures, directly rooted in particular British origins. On the surface this book is a dense and well-researched ethnography, but deeper than that, it has a lot of hot take-aways for American socio-political life. It was a fascination back when it was published, but as people are beginning to be more real about the position of racial and cultural identity in politics, it's a book and argument that you're starting to here about more and more.

I say so a couple times in the podcast, but this is a book far more expansive than what I can sum up in a measly 90 minutes for you, so if the podcast piques your interest, check the book out yourself! You'll get a good mind for it in the episode, but this is one of those books that transcends one simple thesis statement in scope.