LARBS update to vifm/überzug may require manual intervention

I've just pushed updates to the voidrice and LARBS repos that officially change the default file browser from ranger to vifm.

If you update via git, you might also need to manually run yay -S python-ueberzug to install überzug from the AUR, otherwise image previews may stall and (obviously) not work.

I mentioned überzug's ability to preview images in this video, but I've found a solution to getting them to work in vifm and it is now default in LARBS.

I'll probably be doing a video on vifm sometime soon now, but if you want an explanation of the script which was written by the developer of überzug, I believe, Distrotube has talked about it in this video last week.

My video will probably cover this, basic info, colorschemes and more. It might be a somewhat long video, but people have been asking for it for a while.