LARBS is going throught significant changes

I'm making significant changes to my dotfiles repos and LARBS, so I wanted to give people a heads up about it. It's possible (probable?) that there will be some breakage (now and soon) because there are a lot of moving pieces that have moved around. Here are the changes coming soon:

So every one of these developments bode well, but all can cause temporary breakage! If you run into a problem install LARBS, you will not be bothering me to email it to me. I would appreciate people to test it if you have a spare machine/VM as well, but I'm a little burdened right now. I'll be testing in a bit.

Note that the Void Linux/dwm version of LARBS is not supposed to be working yet. I'm still on the basic level with that. The Arch/i3 version hopefully should be still fine though.